White, Blue, and Wings


It could be considered that I’m cheating because for this week’s Original Content, I’m submitting… this blog. You might have noticed a few things different about it… there’s a new header image and description, the picture on the right hand side is new… and the URL is totally different as well. No longer is this city.navsplace.net, which is what cithryth.com directed to. Finally this blog has a proper name (besides mine) and logo.

This is what I’ve spent most of my Thursday doing. First came the name change. I realized that my cithryth.com domain had lapsed on accident and that actually gave me an opportunity to really start thinking about a blog name. I’ve been meaning to figure one out for the longest time. In fact, once upon a time when I was still very much enamored with LOTRO, this blog was called the White Captain due to my captain in LOTRO. I went through a few names until I settled on Keyboard Paladin, and a big part of that goes back to the idea of the White Captain. In MMOs and RPGs I usually gravitate towards the paladins, the heal-your-group-while-you-kinda-tank class.┬áCaptains, warrior priests, jedi knights, guardians. They may not always be my main character, but they are usually the character I make first.

Next came the logos. Luckily ‘paladin’ comes with its own set of themes and ideas – whites, blues, wings, shields, plate armor. It was pretty easy to come up with some combination of all that and keyboards. I was especially pleased when I realized I could use the main movement keys, WASD, as the shield emblem.

So now many hours later after painstakingly making the logos, everything is moved over to the new domain. It took a lot of work so I feel like it counts as my contribution for the week!

(Side note: I have now looked at and written the words ‘keyboard’ and ‘paladin’ so many times that they have lost all meaning and look like bizarre non-words.)

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