What I’ve Been Playing – October 2015


Welcome to October, everyone! I’m sure you’ve noticed my activity on this blog has picked up significantly. I took the time to plan out a post writing strategy for myself to motivate me to write about games again… without burning myself out, like I tend to do on this blog. I suppose it also helps that I’m playing games besides Guild Wars 2 lately! I figured I’d talk a bit about some games I’ve been playing lately that haven’t or won’t get their own post here.

The Beginner’s Guide

I won’t say much about this game because it’s better the less you know about it. It’s from one of the co-creators of the Stanley Parable, so if you’ve played that game you have a bit of an idea about what sort of beast to expect. If you haven’t, you just need to know that it is a narrative based game about games. So it’s very meta. But if you engage with the games industry at any level, I think this is a must-play game. I actually wound up obsessively writing about it for the first few days after I finished it. I’d never felt so… compelled to write about a game before. I’m hoping to get an article about it published on one of the ‘real’ professional games sites because writing is fulfilling but money buys food. If no one wants it though I’ll probably end up posting about it here anyway.


The creators of Eidolon have made a free succulent gardening game called Viridi. When we bought a house a few years ago I was so excited because I figured I would have a lovely garden with pretty plants and tasty vegetables and wonderful fruit trees and everything green and lush like that. The unfortunate reality is that pretty much everything I’ve planted has died from over or under watering or, more frequently, pests and diseases. We do have the fruit trees at least. The weeds here grow so fast that I’ve mostly given up trying to thwart their advances, which doesn’t help much. Viridi though lets me pretend I am a good and attentive gardener that grows successful plants. You get cute little pots and can purchase a wide variety of succulent plants to water and rearrange and watch them grow as the days pass by. There’s even a cute little snail friend with every pot and it doesn’t try to eat the plants or anything.


Technically, I didn’t actually¬†play SOMA, but I did watch Geek Remix’s Let’s Play of the whole game. I cannot handle horror games. If I had attempted to play it myself I wouldn’t have even be able to get past some of the early segments of the game. Despite how terrifying even just watching the game was, the story and atmosphere of the game is amazing. It does an amazing job of making you question your view of ‘self’ and humanity in general. Like The Beginner’s Guide, I don’t want to say too much without spoiling it. The gist is that you play as a character who goes in for a brain scan after getting a brain injury from a car accident. After finishing the Let’s Play today, I’m having a hard time playing anything else. You know when you finish a really good book and you have that empty feeling inside? That’s what it’s like.

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