Videos Incoming!

Well, eventually anyway. Those of you who follow me on twitter have seen me talking the past week or so about doing some videos to supplement this blog. My college roommate, ruallinse, has been telling me to make gaming videos for years. Finally I’m caving in. Nav gave me a copy of Camtasia, which is what he used to make his Legendary Weapons videos. The video series will be called “Cith Through Games”.

A screenshot I took in the game Proteus

I’ve got a whole line up of plans and games to cover, but I kind of need to figure out how to use the software first I guess! But I just wanted to make a post to say that I am working on things. My current list of games to cover includes: Proteus, Reus, Minecraft, Dear Esther, Fall Out 3, Skyrim and maybe even some LOTRO :P. I don’t want to say too much about my plans for each of the games so that you guys can be surprised! But if you have any recommendations or ideas please feel free to let me know!

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