Tis the Season

… To want to do nothing but sit inside and read and play video games. But alas, I still have two papers to write, a video production to film and a French test to sit. Ah well. I thought now might be a good time to share the random things I’ve been doing across my games. Minecraft, LOTRO and Skyrim have all gotten some use recently.

Since this is a pretty image heavy post, I’m going to put most of this into the “Read more”, so read more!

I was on a hard Minecraft stint recently building my new castle. On HH Minecraft, our old world was called Nimbus. We had to do a wipe because the world had become too large and the data got corrupted. That happened in August some time. I’ve finally gotten around to re-building the castle I had had, Castle Whitehart. I’ve built it bigger and better, I think. Here are some overview shots:

If you’re interested in more details and interior shots, here’s the full album: http://imgur.com/a/XUZCZ#0

I have not been playing Skyrim quite as much the past week or two because of the 1.2 patch they pushed out that broke damn near everything. My roommate and I (she plays as well) were both incredibly frustrated. With the armour resistances broken, it was essentially like playing without any armour and so died and died and died. This was really frustrating for me because I had just smithed myself some fancy new plate armour:

I didn’t get to see any backwards flying dragons though, that was kind of disappointing. In the past week however, patch 1.3 has gone through and it seems to have fixed things. So yay for that! In celebration I did a bit of dragon slaying and photography:

I haven’t been playing LOTRO much at all lately, but last night I did log in and do a bit of questing in Forochel on Sagewood. It’s kind of a bizarre feeling, not playing for weeks and then trying to jump right back in. It’s like everything’s half remembered. Per usual, I had to set Sagewood up with a new outfit before blundering out into the cold. I think I did pretty well. I had been wanting to use this upperbody armour piece from Dunland for awhile, but couldn’t figure out a good way. I think it suits the frozen north quite well, don’t you?

I also logged on my minstrel, Miniature because I remembered that there were some kind of changes to the Minstrel class in RoI. Upon looking at my skill bar and not recognizing much of anything, this is how I felt:

So instead of trying to decipher the skill changes I just decided to make her a pretty outfit. It kind of reminds me of the septas from Game of Thrones:

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