The Long Dark of Moria

I’ve finally taken Sagewood into Moria! I didn’t finish all the quests in Eregion (still a few out at Echad Mirobel for me to do), but I’ve been really wanting to see the Moria revamp, so I went on in with just over half-way to level 51. I did do a bit of questing in Eregion today, enough to see one of the weirdly vivid night rainbows that still occasionally happen in that region.

This time through I’m really trying to pay attention to Moria. The last three times I went through I did the minimum and just followed the quest tracker without really looking around too much. This go through I’m taking my time and enjoying all the little things. The way the quests have been re-done really helps I think. Much more flow between areas (granted I haven’t even gotten to Dolven View yet). More mini quest hubs along the way helps to guide you through instead of just leaving you wondering where you’re meant to head next.

I also of course had to make an outfit for Sagewood to traverse Moria in. Her typical Bree-land Cowboy attire wasn’t quite up to snuff for the long dark of Moria. She needed something with more covering to protect her from potential bites of who knows what. She also decided to go with a mouth covering to keep her from any of the mold that may be growing in such a place – who know what kind of insidious fungi await in such a dark, wet place. A pack carrying all her exploration tools would be needed too, since should couldn’t bring her trusty steed Greasewood into the Mines.

Herald’s Armour – black

Leather Leggings of the Stoic Stag – black

Threadbare Boots of the Dunland Healer – black

Leather Gauntlets of the Leaping Stag – black

Fine Grey Company Hood – black

Campaign Backpack – black

I’ve also been catching Cithryth up on her epic books the past week or so. Finally got through Vol 3 books 5 through 6. Book 7 in underway. I love the dream sequence filter they use for some of the dream instances. The grainy, swirly effects are pretty neat looking. I think they make for some pretty cool screenshots too:

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