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Today I have been nominated for the Liebster Award! If you don’t know what that is, you can read up on it more here, but the gist is that it’s a way to show other bloggers you appreciate them and also help them grow. There are a variety of ‘rules’ but I will be following the lead of the person who nominated me. Yay blogging! I have been bestowed this honor by Soultamer, who has similar gaming interests as I do and writes about them. Definitely go check her blog out! She has recently started following my blog and ramblings and has left some very kind words in comments!

So now comes the part where I have to answer the 10 questions that Soultamer asked:

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If you had the choice of neither Coke nor Pepsi, what would you choose? (Bonus points if your answer isn’t water)

At a restaurant I would probably just go with water (sorry!) or maybe rootbeer, but if I were at home my drink of choice is tea of some kind. Usually a nice strong black tea with a bit of milk and sugar. Sometimes a good quality oolong that I can steep again and again is great for when I have a lot of writing to do.


What effects has blogging made on your life? Has it imprinted on more than your schedule?

Blogging has had a lot of impact on my life, actually! I’ve been blogging and writing online since I was 11 or 12 – probably not the best idea, but it is what it is. NeoPets forums, bad Matrix fan fiction sites, GreatJournal, MMO forums, game blogs. My past experience blogging has actually helped me get work. Since I had experience with WordPress and Twitter and Facebook, I was able to start getting blogging freelance gigs. I wrote for gaming websites and podcasts and small business websites. Those helped me get more contracts and jobs and now I am making… uh, some money. But blogging is what I do now and it helps pay for the games and food sometimes!


Where I am, there’s plenty of pollen – and it’s making me sick! What’s the weather like right now? How is it affecting you?

Sorry about the pollen! Here in New Zealand it is early Autumn and today it is raining! I love rain, so that is good news. In the summer there is hardly any rain and it’s hot and terrible and the UV rating is insane. Winter and autumn in New Zealand are awesome though.

Picture from my front door.

Picture from my front door.

Would you rather your greatest struggle in life be made into a game, or your most recent nightmare? Describe your choice.

My most recent nightmare has already been made into games over and over. I have very vivid nightmares sometimes, and when I do they are usually about zombie survival stuff. So, there you go.

My greatest struggle in life is probably dealing with anxiety. It can be very debilitating at times and anxiety attacks can be scary and frustrating. I think a game about that, trying to calm yourself down, could be interesting. Have some kind of mechanic where you lose a lot of health if you try to make a phone call. Make it so when you meet a lot of new people your energy begins to drain, things get a bit blurry or spiny or something but you can’t let it show to the NPCs that you’re kind of freaking out. Oh, and there can be local multiplayer where Player 2 tries to talk you down from an anxiety attack but just fails no matter what. Hardcore level: go on an airplane by yourself for the first time with no one to pick you up at the other end, you will have to get a taxi back to your dorm. Nearly impossible achievement for that level would be not crying in public.


Now, pitch that game to me. What are the mechanics? Which genres would it fit? *shifty glare* Mac compatible?

Oops, I just did that above. It would probably be some kind of first-person view alt-game, probably a walking simulator kind of thing (because there should always be more walking simulators). And it would, of course, be available on Windows, Mac, and Linux because anyone can have anxiety!


Have you ever been frustrated to the point of ‘keyboard smashing’ when trying to write a blog post? What do you end up typing? Alternatively, what do you do when you’re frustrated?

Not for blog writing, no. PvP or multiplayer games? Oh yeah, definitely made some angry keystrokes. If I can’t figure out a blog post, I usually take a few minutes away from the computer – walk around my house, play with my cats, do some chores, maybe even go outside and go for a walk if I really need some thinking time. Usually I figure out an outline for my blog posts ahead of actually sitting on the computer and writing. This usually happens while I am sitting in a bubble bath because bubble baths are amazing and relaxing and I highly recommend incorporating them as part of your blog writing process. Seriously, get a bath bomb or two and go for it.

Image courtesy of Galaxy in a Bathtub Tumblr blog.

Image courtesy of Galaxy in a Bathtub Tumblr blog.

What’s the most ambitious thing you’ve done in your life, according to you? How has that experience affected you?

The most ambitious thing I’ve ever done was up and move to New Zealand from the US straight out of university. I know a lot of people who barely left the Midwest, let alone the country, so actually moving to another country was pretty radical. It’s affected me a lot because… I live in a different country now! I was talking to someone the other day who put it really well: When you move to a country that is very visually different in many ways from yours (like US to Japan or China or Egypt or something), it’s almost easier because everyone can see you’re different and expects that you will be different, but when you move to a country where you already look like everyone else it can be so difficult because everyone expects you to already know everything.


You’re trapped on a distant island with a console/accessories and ONE GAME. You do not have internet connection, but you somehow have sufficient power to have just enough battery life and hardware quality until you are saved. Which game, console, and accessories would you have on you?

PC counts as a console, right? I would play Minecraft. Is that cheating? I figure that game would last a long time since you can do whatever you want. And of course I’d have my mechanical keyboard and very nice gaming mouse to go with it.


Zombie apocalypse has hit! You have six hours to get ready and go (or not)! Describe your game plan.

You might have been able to tell from my nightmare answer that I am ready for this! Load up the cats and whatever stuff we might need into the car – don’t bother trying to go to the grocery stores since they will probably be mobbed. Main goal is to get as far into the nearby mountain gorge as possible since it’s very isolated with few people. Find a nice spot and set up camp. As needed, head to nearby farms and homes and get what is needed and set up our own garden for food.


What song is stuck in your head? Describe its merits.

I can’t stop listening to Rain in C Minor by Disasterpeace today. It’s from the Floor is Jelly soundtrack and I listen to it everytime it rains. It’s relaxing and calming. It’s ambient-ish but not so much that it will totally fade into the background.

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So that’s it for my questions! Hope you learned some interesting things about me. Now for the difficult part – choosing 5 blogs to nominate. Now remember – nominated people don’t necessarily have to do a post, they can choose to pass. The point is just to show off some fellow bloggers that my readers might not have otherwise seen.

  • Saira’s Wandering Warden – LOTRO outfits, Tolkien stuff, and I know she’s also a lover of GW2 salads like I am
  • Alice’s The Geeky Burrow – Another fellow Tolkien fan, writing about life and blogging and lists!
  • Aleks’ Cloud Monster – Hasn’t posted in quite a few months, but has some really intriguing game thoughts and reactions to various game industry goings-on
  • Christina’s Eat a Byte – She makes food from video games! Mostly the Sims and GW2, but definitely tasty looking!
  • Lucy’s Pixelsticky – She’s a game dev/writer from New Zealand and has some great posts on freelancing and development

And here are the 10 questions you should answer:

  1. What was the fist video/computer game you ever played? What kind of memories do you have of it?
  2. What do you do when you need some serious thinking time? How do you get the thoughts flowing?
  3. What is your guilty midnight snack?
  4. If you could live in one game’s world, what game would it be and why?
  5. What is something you have to have to get some writing done? Cup of coffee, your favorite album, a specific notebook, etc?
  6. If there was one thing you could change about your blog in an instant, what would it be?
  7. What is your current gaming obsession and why?
  8. What is the most recent book you read? Was it good or bad?
  9. Describe your perfect day.
  10. If you were to write a book, what would it be about? Would it be fiction or non-fiction?

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