The Gold Fox Tavern

Coming Soon to the Foxlin Neighborhood of the Bree-land Homesteads:

The Gold Fox Tavern

Owned by Clairborne Bittercress, the Gold Fox Tavern is a new pub that is opening up in the Foxlin neighborhood. Mrs. Bittercress has recently come into a small fortune and has decided to buy the property at 9 Chestnut Street and start up the Tavern. The Tavern won’t be ready for operation for another three months as there is still much to sort out with the deeds and titles. Her daughter, Aradelia will be helping out around the pub.


I’ve noticed on Landroval that kins have taken their kinhouses and turned them into pubs and inns for RP purposes. I think that’s a brilliant idea and decided to do the same. With the help of Thoronmir, I’ve put together a kin called The Gold Fox Tavern. Once the kin reaches Lifespan Rank 7 (about 3 months), I will purchase this kinhouse and it will become The Gold Fox Tavern. It will be open to all RPers on Windfola. It will be a place where we can host FTIL or just have casual random RP. We can host specific storylines out of it if we want. Clairborne and Aradelia are actual characters I have created and they are in The Gold Fox Tavern kin.

Obviously, not much is going to happen with this for another 3 months, but I wanted to post about it because I’m very excited about the possibilities!

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