Texture Pack Review: LB Photo Realism

Just like with LOTRO and UI skins, I am loving Minecraft texture packs. There seems to be a pack for any kind of theme you could want. I have a variety currently installed so that I can use different packs for different worlds or projects. My newest project is a modernist style house, and so I really wanted a modern themed texture pack to match. I decided on the LB Photo Realism pack by scuttles. It’s an HD pack that is available in a couple of resolutions. I decided to go all the way and use the 256×256 version.

As you can tell from the title of the pack, the focus is on photo realism. And it most definitely accomplishes that. You can really tell that the base textures for the blocks and items come from actual photos. Especially with the 256×256, things look very lifelike and detailed.


My absolute favorite thing in this texture pack are the paintings. A mix of historic paintings, Christian art work and illustrations of JRR Tolkien’s work make this my absolute favorite texture pack for paintings. Obviously, I have outfitted my house in all of the Tolkien paintings and other fantasy inspired works of art.

I also really like the cobblestone in this pack because it looks like the kind of stone siding you see on some modern houses. It’s part of what influenced me to use this pack for my modern home project.

Another beautiful thing in this pack is the clouds. They actually look like, y’know, clouds!

Its also really nice that it supports WildGrass, which helps add to the realism aspect of this pack. I have not personally used WildGrass with this texture pack though, but based on the pictures in the thread, WildGrass looks great with this texture pack.

The water in this pack is also gorgeous, and yards away better than most other packs, regardless of photo realism or not.


My biggest annoyance with this pack is that from far away, grass and other blocks to a lesser degree, ends up looking like static. I feel like this is most notable on the darker shades of green grass.

Another problem is that this texture pack can be a bit heavier on resources than other, simpler texture packs. But that is the price you pay for good graphics in other games, so I suppose it is a reasonable trade-off.

There’s a little extra you have to do with this pack to make sure it works (if you’re on a 64-bit system) compared to other texture packs, but it’s not that much work.

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