The Beginner’s Guide to Theory


In a games industry where most titles get months or even years of screenshots, alphas, betas, teasers, and trailers leading up to their launch, The Beginner’s Guide was announced just one day before it released. Pretty much no info was given other than that it was by one of the co-creators of The Stanley Parable and that it would be a narrative game reflecting on the nature of game design.

Before reading this article, I highly – HIGHLY – recommend that you go and give the game a playthrough yourself. I purposefully avoided any and all inklings of what this game was before I played it myself and I think the experience was much better for it.

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Symptoms and Treatments of the Game Hangover


If you’re an avid reader, you might be familiar with the term “book hangover” when you finish a book you’ve become heavily engrossed in. It can be tough breaking out of the stupor you feel as you try to return to ‘normal life’. Recently, I’ve realized that this same phenomenon can happen with games as well. After finishing¬†The Beginner’s Guide,¬†the new story line in Guild Wars 2’s expansion, and even the Let’s Play of SOMA that I watched, I felt those same distinct symptoms I feel finishing particularly good books. So what are these symptoms and how can you deal with them?

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What I’ve Been Playing – October 2015


Welcome to October, everyone! I’m sure you’ve noticed my activity on this blog has picked up significantly. I took the time to plan out a post writing strategy for myself to motivate me to write about games again… without burning myself out, like I tend to do on this blog. I suppose it also helps that I’m playing games besides Guild Wars 2 lately! I figured I’d talk a bit about some games I’ve been playing lately that haven’t or won’t get their own post here.

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