The Slaying of Ironhide [RP Story]

((This is the story that Sagewood told at the April 29 FTIL))

I had been doing various odd jobs for Frederic at Ost Guruth at the time and the people there were beginning to know me as a good hunter. I’d been able to get them enough lynx hides and boar meat to get through the winter. One day, Frederic approached me with a more specific request – he wanted me to go after a special boar. Ironhide, he called him. Told me he had seen him years ago, out by Weathertop. He said if he was still out there, he’d be even bigger than when he saw him. He described a boar almost the size of a pony – big and grey. When he offered to pay me, well… I couldn’t refuse!

*Sagewood laughs*

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The Road Less Traveled: Part 1 – A Trip Through the Brandywood

Anabel Sagewood had just eaten a meager breakfast of cheese and bread. She stood by her fireplace smoking some Roper’s Twist pipeweed while she awaited the foredawn. Today she was going on a trip that she had been looking forward to for sometime. She only hoped that no one would try to rope her into a job or a quest while she traveled through Bree.

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Sagewood: Eglain Finder

((This is written for the Windfola Ost Guruth RP hub prompts as detailed here and here.))

Annabell Sagewood is a woman in her earlier thirties who hails from Bree-town. She is single and her family has all passed away. However, when her parents died, they left her a considerable inheritance and she is now a woman of some wealth. Yet she is still a hunter by profession. She sells hides, fish and other things she finds in the wild to merchants in town. She also has quite a reputation with the Eglain of Ost Guruth and works for them finding relics and other pieces of their history. She is, as a rule, wary of the other races of Middle-earth, however a little less so with dwarves because she does so much business with them. Her home is located down the road south of Bree.

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Cithryth’s Arrival in Eriador

Three years ago I was still living in a small village in the Westfold of Rohan. I was the captain of an all-women militia, called together for when the men rode to war. Our job was to protect the village. We had been noticing an increasing orc presence from the North. They were encroaching on our land and had killed some of our livestock.

One day I was on a patrol around our fields when I smelt something foul. I saw smoke rising in the distance… in the direction of my village. I rode as fast as I could back but it was too late. A third of our village had burned. Some of the women of my militia were killed in the attack. We were able to avenge them and killed some orcs. They all bore a white hand painted on their helm. At the time, we knew not what it meant. I made the decision that day to ride north to find out what was the cause of this madness.

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Daehiril’s Introduction

Daehiril is the new female elf champion character that I plan on creating. This is a brief start to her story…

What was my name? There are none now who know. They have all sailed West, or worse. I am known now as Daehiril, shadow maiden, for I am but a shadow of my former self. I once was the crafter of great blades and wife of a great champion. But he is lost to me. With the loss of my Beloved, I went into hiding. All this time since the Last Alliance I have been in Rivendell, debating when I should sail West. Do I truly wish to leave the land that my husband and I had once fought so hard to protect? Should I make the final journey West?  I never truly decided to stay. It was merely indecision that kept me longer.

But now the Shadow is growing once more. I can feel it coming from the East. That which my husband died trying to destroy has returned. My decision is now clear. I must take up his swords and defend Middle-earth once more.

A Night of Tales

(January 1, 2011 Finer Things in Life write up)

I began the evening, as I usually do, playing my harp on the porch of the Prancing Pony. Slowly, my friends began to arrive. We smoked and chatted and drank some ale that Honeycheeks made for me especially for the evening.

As we chatted, a miserly elf working for Bill Ferny tried to move us from the street. He claimed Ferny had issued a noise complaint! After a bit of flashing of steel and words, the elf backed down and decided to join us, after I had given him some Honeybrew.

After that was sorted out, Fornagon told his heartbreaking story about his dream in Thorin’s Hall. Not a single tear was dry by the end. As a woman, I will never know the infinite sorrows of the elves.

I then told the tale of Eorl the Young and how the Eorlingas came to be.

Many songs were sung and many dances had. And of course more pipe-weed and ale!

— Overall we had a great turn out. At one point I counted about 12 people sitting and listening with us! —