My Role-Playing Predicament

I am in a bit of a mental pickle.

My home server that I have always played on is Windfola. I love Windfola. I have many friends there and it’s a smaller community so that nothing is ever too crowded, however I never feel as if the server is deserted. The only problem with Windfola is the role-playing, of which there is little to none.

I never really had an interest in role-playing until the past few months. I had always kind of had a backstory for Cithryth and Herefara in the back of my mind, but I never really did anything with it. I always tried to dress my characters realistically and always tried to make them seem like they really were from Rohan.

As many of you know, I then began a crusade of sorts to bring role-play to Windfola. It has been going well enough. There is a small group of us that meet every Saturday night at the Pony. The only problem is that we often get overrun by griefers. We don’t have the kind of numbers that Landroval has. I know if griefers show up at Ales and Tales, they are told in no uncertain terms that that kind of behavior is unwelcome and they usually leave because they are outnumbered. It seems the reverse for poor Windolfa, however. But we are making do.

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Fireworks, Friends and Food

Today was a wonderful day for my kin and I had a glorious End-of-Yule gathering to mark the passing of the coldest part of winter. We celebrated with music and a large collection of fireworks!

We also took a gamble on our drinking habits! We designated that whoever to get to Trestlebridge while utterly smashingly drunk would win a large purse. So we all partook of the strongest brew the Inn League could provide.

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A Night of Tales

(January 1, 2011 Finer Things in Life write up)

I began the evening, as I usually do, playing my harp on the porch of the Prancing Pony. Slowly, my friends began to arrive. We smoked and chatted and drank some ale that Honeycheeks made for me especially for the evening.

As we chatted, a miserly elf working for Bill Ferny tried to move us from the street. He claimed Ferny had issued a noise complaint! After a bit of flashing of steel and words, the elf backed down and decided to join us, after I had given him some Honeybrew.

After that was sorted out, Fornagon told his heartbreaking story about his dream in Thorin’s Hall. Not a single tear was dry by the end. As a woman, I will never know the infinite sorrows of the elves.

I then told the tale of Eorl the Young and how the Eorlingas came to be.

Many songs were sung and many dances had. And of course more pipe-weed and ale!

— Overall we had a great turn out. At one point I counted about 12 people sitting and listening with us! —