The White Captain of Rohan


This is probably the longest I have ever taken to work my way through an expansion’s content (expansions that came out during my hiatus not included of course). I am only just now getting Cithryth to level 95 and completing the corresponding Epic Story. And what a spectacularly epic story it is too! While I really appreciate the story and character crafting that goes into the Epic Story in general, I’ve never been quite as avid of a fan of it as some people. But as a Captain of Rohan, the Helm’s Deep Epic Story was truly┬ámoving.


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Out of the Frying Pan and Into the Fire

I mentioned last week that I had finally left Moria with Sagewood and started tackling the orc camps around the Mirrormere. I really miss questing in Moria now. The contrast between the revamped quests of Moria and the old outter Lorien quests is quite noticable. Whereas in Moria there is very little back-and-forth between the questgivers and the questing areas, in the Mirrormere it is all about back-and-forth! It really is tedious.

But here are a few shots I took just before leaving Moria. I really like the one with the Balrog – the quest line of traveling through the 2nd Hall and figuring out what happened to the Bridge of Khazad-dum is a really good way to end Moria. The 2nd Hall in general is, I think, the best looking place in Moria. The Gardens are gorgeous as well, but the stone trees are what does it for me I think.

On the other hand though, it did give me an opportunity to change her outfit from that black stalker’s outfit Sagewood had been wearing throughout the long dark of Moria. I decided to go with something Elvish (since it is Lorien after all) but not all-out Elvish. Sagewood doesn’t like Elves very much. I specifically got the Poacher of the Protected Woods title for her by doing the quest-line to kill various protected animals in Lorien.

Bear Hide Jacket – umber

Ceremonial Trousers of the Learned – violet

Ceremonial Town-saver’s Shoulders – umber

Herald’s Gloves – umber

Ceremonial Doom-hunter’s Boots – olive

Trech-helm – olive

I also was able to get in a bit of play-time with my kinmates this weekend. Quite a few were on, including Farwing who I haven’t seen on in ages. Two years ago I got the opportunity to go visit her IRL in Australia. It was super fun! I always love hanging out with my kinmates in real life. Here are the two of us hanging out in Rohan, tackling warbands together:

Rohan Nails!

You may not know that I actually participate in some very ‘girly’ hobbies in real life. One of those is nail-polish. I have quite a large collection of different polishes and often try different try different patterns and styles and designs and it’s very fun!

Well with Rohan coming this Monday, what else would I do but paint my nails to match?

I used Zoya’s “Irene” (the green), Zoya’s “Faye” (gold) and Ulta’s “Snow White”. Basically, I did two coats of the green and then let that dry for a long time. Maybe two hours? Then I cut little squares of Scotch tape and put them on my nails and painted two coats of the gold over the exposed tips of my nails. The Scotch tape served to make the chevron shape. After that dried, I took a brush used for painting plastic models and painstakingly painted the horse’s head. I had to actually start over once – I just took a paper towl and dabbed at it until it was flat and painted over with the green. I used the end of a bobby pin to make the eye and to add the small lines between the neck and mane and between the jaw and the neck. Touched it up a bit with the modelling brush and then it was end! Topped everything off with a coat of Seche Vite (basically the top coat to use, according to the internet anyway).