While my goal the past few months has been to post at least two blog posts every weekend, I was not able to do so this weekend. All last week I was sick with a gastrointestinal infection (exactly as fun as it sounds) and didn’t play at all until yesterday – although I did manage to get Cithryth to 84 and start in on the Hytbold quests. So only one very brief post this weekend unfortunately.

As I’ve mentioned in other posts, my big beautiful black-chestnut tobiano warsteed’s name is Fram, which means valiant or stout or strong, etc in Old English (which is basically what the Rohirric language is). Well yesterday using my monthly VIP points I got the white/lighter shades of gray horse colors to make a white horse with. It just doesn’t feel right calling them the same horse… I mean they look totally different! So I named my second warsteed cosmetic slot “Widfara” which means wide farer. And here she is:

Body/tail: white

Guardian’s Caparison (indigo)

Light Leggings of the Sutcrofts (indigo)

Light Saddle of the Sutcrofts

I also worked on some new outfits for my warden, Herefara, however I figured I’d wait until next weekend to post about them when I have more time to get the proper screenshots, etc. This weekend I’m too busy catching up on schoolwork and readings that I missed last week while I was sick.