Fashion Contest Rejects

I told my self to stay away from the Fashion Contest, but I couldn’t help myself. I just spent the past few hours making two outfits for each category besides the kinship one 😛 I’m not going to the screenshots that I sent in (I don’t want anyone to copy me lol). But here are two entries that didn’t make my cut for sending in. Unfortunately they are both Sagewood. Not to say that Sagewood’s outfits are my least favorite, I just feel like they weren’t as strong of entries as their competition.

For the Formal wear category, I used an outfit on Cithryth and an outfit on Strumskald. For the Professionally Minded category I submitted an outfit on Cithryth and an outfit on Herefara. For the Fashion in Motion category I used Sriracha and Miniature. Hopefully I get a win in one category (or maybe an honourable mention? lol). We’ll see!

Sagewood enters Eregion – with outfits!

Later this week I’ll be making a post about the things I’ve gotten for Christmas (Some of which are Lord of the Rings related of course), but I wanted to make a post about LOTRO specifically because I’ve been playing it a lot this week since my winter break started. I got 3200 TP as a Christmas gift, which I used to buy the new Fleet-Footed Goat for Cithryth. I think it matches her outfits quite well, just like the Grey Horse.

I’ve also managed to snag a pretty cool light armour chest piece from the auction house. I believe it comes from one of the new instances, but I’m not sure. All I know is, I love it for Sagewood, and Herefara:

I’ve been mostly playing Sagewood since I’ve been home. I’ve always loved the hunter class. My first character (created exactly 4 years ago today!) was actually a male elf named Liras on the Brandywine server. I then ‘lost’ him because I switched to Windfola (LOTRO was my first MMO and I didn’t understand the concept of different servers. I also had a hard time reconciling the fact that I couldn’t pause or ‘save’ the game).

I’ve just hit 48 on Sagewood and finished up about half the quests out of Zigilgund in Forochel. I decided to move her on to Eregion since it is easily my favorite region to quest in. The flow from hub to hub is very nicely done, the quests are pleasant (a nice mix of kill x of y, gathering, and mini-boss slaying), and the scenery is gorgeous as well as easy to maneuver through. I’ve taken a few screenshots of Sagewood in her newest outfit while questing around Gwingris:

I’ve also been working on her repertoire of outfits and I think I’ve finally got a set I like. Here they are, labeled for what I plan to use them for:

We’ll see how long they last. Knowing how often I like to switch around outfits, I give it a month.

Tis the Season

… To want to do nothing but sit inside and read and play video games. But alas, I still have two papers to write, a video production to film and a French test to sit. Ah well. I thought now might be a good time to share the random things I’ve been doing across my games. Minecraft, LOTRO and Skyrim have all gotten some use recently.

Since this is a pretty image heavy post, I’m going to put most of this into the “Read more”, so read more!

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Cosmetics Club?

I’m sloooowly getting back into LOTRO and blog writing. Like I said last time, baby steps.

Before I get into the meat of what I really want to talk about, I’ve got a few things I am going to shamelessly plug because they are just awesome.

First off – music! Over the weekend I bought one of C418’s albums. He is the one who did the soundtrack for Minecraft. Very soothing piano with very calm techno-y bits. Not sure how to describe it. I’m sure there’s a name and a genre and everything, but you can listen on the site to some of it. My favorite song is ‘Cat’. It’s also great because his albums aren’t very expensive and you get an instant download in whatever kind of file format you like!

Next – LOTRO stuff! I know it’s linked on my Resources Page here, but I just want to put it in a spotlight real quick. Nav’s Crafting Calculator. He’s gotten a lot of comments lately along the lines of “Well I’m not going to use it because it’s not updated”. The fact of the matter is though that he and I don’t play LOTRO near as much as we used to and we aren’t so good at keeping up with crafting updates. So he’s added an edit option. You can add and edit recipes and items. In the How To section he explains how to do it. It’s pretty easy, mostly a matter of copying and pasting. I’m plugging this because I feel like it could be a really helpful tool for the community, if the community is willing to pitch in a bit. The one caveat is that you have to request a forum account on the site. This is so that people are deterred from just randomly changing recipes and items and generally mucking things up. With the forum account, Nav can track who does what changes.

Okay, so on to what I actually made this post about. I was thinking over the weekend – what if there were a Cosmetics/Fashion/Outfits club that met regularly in LOTRO? Maybe every two weeks or even every month (so people really get a chance to go all out), people can meet at a specified location and show off their outfits. Obviously the matter of servers comes into play here. But I think it could rotate among the servers each time the meeting happens. Even low-leveled or people who have rolled toons for the express purpose of coming to the event can come just to ogle the outfits and get ideas.

I’d like to hear what others think of this and if you think it’s a viable thing (obviously detailed would have to be hammered out). I know I love seeing peoples’ outfits while I’m running around in-game and so I think an event dedicated to that would be awesome!

Cithryth’s Outfit

I have been using a lovely new crimson-themed outfit for Cithryth, to match her Steed of Eriador. She uses this as her battle outfit and for when she patrols Bree, helping the watchers keep order in the town.

The outfit is:

  • Hooded Cloak of the Mallorn (Crimson)
  • Winged Circlet (default)
  • Westernesse Jacket (crimson)
  • Westernesse Shoulder-guards (crimson)
  • Fingerless Gloves (crimson)
  • Westernesse Leggings (crimson)
  • Westernesse Boots (crimson)

Sriracha’s New Outfits

Today I set my Rune-keeper, Sriracha, up with some new outfits: One for when she goes DPS and one for when she goes healing.


Composed of:

  • Tawarwaith Shoulder Pads (Rivendell Green)
  • Elven Cloth Shirt (Rivendell Green)
  • Fingerless Gloves (Umber)
  • Westernesse Protector’s Leggings (Rivendell Green)
  • Tawarwaith Shoes (Rust)
  • Hooded Wood-wanderer’s Cloak (Rivendell Green)


Composed of:

  • Shoulders of the Written Word (White)
  • Elven Cloth Shirt (White)
  • Fingerless Gloves (Orange)
  • Linen Leggings (White)
  • Nenuial’s Boots (White)
  • Hooded Cloak of the Dove (White)