Middle-earth Cosmetics – IRL!

Similar to my love of cosmetics in-game, I also have a love of cosmetics in real life, though rather than outfits my focus lately has been on makeup. Recently an indie makeup company named Shiro Cosmetics came out with a new line of eye shadows inspired by The Hobbit: There and Back Again that perfectly ties together my love of Middle-earth and makeup. I didn’t purchase the whole line, only six of them: Attercop, Attercop; Lingered in Twilight; There and Back Again; An Unexpected Party; When the Thrush Knocks; and Chiefest of Calamities (seen below from Left to Right).

My apologies for the blurry picture. Honestly my plan was to actually put some on my eyes and take pictures of that as well, however my camera lens decided to stop functioning! The above pic is around when that happened. But I had had a really nice combination of When the Thrush Knocks, An Unexpected Party and Attercop, Attercop on yesterday. And today it was When the Thrush Knocks + There and Back again.

I really love the quality of these shadows as well. I’ve never ordered from an indie cosmetics company before so I was a little uncertain (but totally certain of how much I wanted to own Hobbit eye shadows). Based on the past two days of wear, it seems like you need very little actual powder to achieve the really vivid colorings – and vivid they are! Especially Chiefest of Calamities and There and Back Again. Apparently this is the most ‘toned down’ set of shadows Shiro has released, which makes sense as Middle-earth is a much more ‘realistic’ fantasy world.

The other nice thing is that I got two free samples and some candy with my order! I got Fifteen Birds in Five Fir Trees and War of the Five Armies. I’m excited to try them out as well. I also got a Dove dark chocolate heart but uh… I kind of ate it immediately :S

Since my camera broke and I only have these pictures for you, here are some pics from other makeup blogs that do a good job showing off the eyeshadows:

Swatches from Rock, Roll, Glam:

A really awesome look/tutorial using The Wandering Wizard and Lingered in Twilight from The Dark Side of Beauty:

In related news, the indie nail polish maker, Nerd Laquer has finally come out of her long nailpolish-making/selling hiatus and has come out with three new nailpolishes based on Lord of the Rings! (By the way, TDBSLWCHSHITD stands for “The Dwarf Breathes So Loud We Could Have Shot Him In The Dark”)


Rohan Nails!

You may not know that I actually participate in some very ‘girly’ hobbies in real life. One of those is nail-polish. I have quite a large collection of different polishes and often try different try different patterns and styles and designs and it’s very fun!

Well with Rohan coming this Monday, what else would I do but paint my nails to match?

I used Zoya’s “Irene” (the green), Zoya’s “Faye” (gold) and Ulta’s “Snow White”. Basically, I did two coats of the green and then let that dry for a long time. Maybe two hours? Then I cut little squares of Scotch tape and put them on my nails and painted two coats of the gold over the exposed tips of my nails. The Scotch tape served to make the chevron shape. After that dried, I took a brush used for painting plastic models and painstakingly painted the horse’s head. I had to actually start over once – I just took a paper towl and dabbed at it until it was flat and painted over with the green. I used the end of a bobby pin to make the eye and to add the small lines between the neck and mane and between the jaw and the neck. Touched it up a bit with the modelling brush and then it was end! Topped everything off with a coat of Seche Vite (basically the top coat to use, according to the internet anyway).