The Slaying of Ironhide [RP Story]

((This is the story that Sagewood told at the April 29 FTIL))

I had been doing various odd jobs for Frederic at Ost Guruth at the time and the people there were beginning to know me as a good hunter. I’d been able to get them enough lynx hides and boar meat to get through the winter. One day, Frederic approached me with a more specific request – he wanted me to go after a special boar. Ironhide, he called him. Told me he had seen him years ago, out by Weathertop. He said if he was still out there, he’d be even bigger than when he saw him. He described a boar almost the size of a pony – big and grey. When he offered to pay me, well… I couldn’t refuse!

*Sagewood laughs*

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The Road Less Traveled: Part 1 – A Trip Through the Brandywood

Anabel Sagewood had just eaten a meager breakfast of cheese and bread. She stood by her fireplace smoking some Roper’s Twist pipeweed while she awaited the foredawn. Today she was going on a trip that she had been looking forward to for sometime. She only hoped that no one would try to rope her into a job or a quest while she traveled through Bree.

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Fishing in the Dark [FTIL Write-up]

I am not much one for writing anything down, so I will keep this brief.

I was in the Mestrof neighborhood near Thorin’s Hall, chatting with a dwarf merchant I had met once at Erebor, sometime after Smaug was killed. He said he heard that a group was gathering at the near-by underground river to do some fishing. I have no love of fishing or doing such dirty works, but he mentioned that they might be open to hearing my songs. I could not resist the possibility of a captive audience! I decided to wait for this group to arrive.

I had expected the group to be mostly Dwarves or Men. Much to my surprise, there were quite a few Elves and a Hobbit even. I don’t know what business was brought them to go fishing in the halls of the Dwarves, but that’s not my business to know I suppose. They were an amiable folk, though some wore strange armours that put me in an off mood. I know some of my fellow Dwarves have a love for battle and the ringing of steel but I do not. I am, one might say, more inclined to the scholarly pursuits.

As they fished, I plucked at my lute. They seemed pleased by the sound, though it was a bit hard to hear over the rushing of the waterfall. They mostly talked amongst themselves and I kept out of their talk for the most part. Eventually the hobbit remarked that he had a tale to tell. And what a tale it was! It was the grand tale of Grya and the Fire-Spirit. A great dwarf tale, that it, and the hobbit told it well! I told him he would make a fine Dwarven minstrel. I felt I could not top his grand telling of the story, so I merely played some more songs on my lute, to much applause!

Eventually everyone began to leave and I too made my way out of the halls. A prosperous evening, if I say so myself!

The Gold Fox Tavern

Coming Soon to the Foxlin Neighborhood of the Bree-land Homesteads:

The Gold Fox Tavern

Owned by Clairborne Bittercress, the Gold Fox Tavern is a new pub that is opening up in the Foxlin neighborhood. Mrs. Bittercress has recently come into a small fortune and has decided to buy the property at 9 Chestnut Street and start up the Tavern. The Tavern won’t be ready for operation for another three months as there is still much to sort out with the deeds and titles. Her daughter, Aradelia will be helping out around the pub.


I’ve noticed on Landroval that kins have taken their kinhouses and turned them into pubs and inns for RP purposes. I think that’s a brilliant idea and decided to do the same. With the help of Thoronmir, I’ve put together a kin called The Gold Fox Tavern. Once the kin reaches Lifespan Rank 7 (about 3 months), I will purchase this kinhouse and it will become The Gold Fox Tavern. It will be open to all RPers on Windfola. It will be a place where we can host FTIL or just have casual random RP. We can host specific storylines out of it if we want. Clairborne and Aradelia are actual characters I have created and they are in The Gold Fox Tavern kin.

Obviously, not much is going to happen with this for another 3 months, but I wanted to post about it because I’m very excited about the possibilities!

Keg Delivery [FTIL Write-up]

I had finally arrived at the Bird and Baby in Michel Delving with my delivery of Brandy Wine from Stock for the Inn League. While I was chatting with the hobbits in the Inn League’s special room they mentioned there would be a group of people gathering in the courtyard soon for some drinks and a smoke and possibly a story. Could hardly pass up hearing a good story. Not to mention free drinks.

I made my way for the courtyard and stationed myself near the keg wall. I lit my pipe and waited to see what kind of people were going to be gathering. Slowly a crowd of folk trickled in. Mostly men and women, but a few of them Elves too. It being Michel Delving, there were of course some of the Little Folk.

As the ale started flowing, they started to talk about traveling. Where they were from, where they’d been. I noticed a Ranger standing near the wall of the pub. I didn’t recognize him, but he was unmistakably a Ranger. One of the Little Folk, Briefer I think I heard her name was, told one of Bilbo Baggins’ old poems about the road.

At one point, some elf started trying to make small talk with me. Was asking if I knew the Chetwood, and of course I do! I told him how good those trees are for timber. The Combe Lumber camp wouldn’t be in business if that weren’t true. But he got all upset with me for killin’ trees and I laughed at that. He just got more and more upset with me til the warrior Kharrn tried to cool him down. Haughty elves!

Another hobbit, Altigar, tried to change the subject by telling a story. Hobbit stories are always good for a listen, though I doubt any of them are true. He told about a hobbit named Elric Wutherbrook who loved a girl named Lily. He went searching all the world for flowers to give to her because of her father. It’s because of him that the Forget-me-not flower grows in the Shire.

A short time later I took my leave and headed back for Bree.