Fishing in the Dark [FTIL Write-up]

I am not much one for writing anything down, so I will keep this brief.

I was in the Mestrof neighborhood near Thorin’s Hall, chatting with a dwarf merchant I had met once at Erebor, sometime after Smaug was killed. He said he heard that a group was gathering at the near-by underground river to do some fishing. I have no love of fishing or doing such dirty works, but he mentioned that they might be open to hearing my songs. I could not resist the possibility of a captive audience! I decided to wait for this group to arrive.

I had expected the group to be mostly Dwarves or Men. Much to my surprise, there were quite a few Elves and a Hobbit even. I don’t know what business was brought them to go fishing in the halls of the Dwarves, but that’s not my business to know I suppose. They were an amiable folk, though some wore strange armours that put me in an off mood. I know some of my fellow Dwarves have a love for battle and the ringing of steel but I do not. I am, one might say, more inclined to the scholarly pursuits.

As they fished, I plucked at my lute. They seemed pleased by the sound, though it was a bit hard to hear over the rushing of the waterfall. They mostly talked amongst themselves and I kept out of their talk for the most part. Eventually the hobbit remarked that he had a tale to tell. And what a tale it was! It was the grand tale of Grya and the Fire-Spirit. A great dwarf tale, that it, and the hobbit told it well! I told him he would make a fine Dwarven minstrel. I felt I could not top his grand telling of the story, so I merely played some more songs on my lute, to much applause!

Eventually everyone began to leave and I too made my way out of the halls. A prosperous evening, if I say so myself!

Sagewood: Eglain Finder

((This is written for the Windfola Ost Guruth RP hub prompts as detailed here and here.))

Annabell Sagewood is a woman in her earlier thirties who hails from Bree-town. She is single and her family has all passed away. However, when her parents died, they left her a considerable inheritance and she is now a woman of some wealth. Yet she is still a hunter by profession. She sells hides, fish and other things she finds in the wild to merchants in town. She also has quite a reputation with the Eglain of Ost Guruth and works for them finding relics and other pieces of their history. She is, as a rule, wary of the other races of Middle-earth, however a little less so with dwarves because she does so much business with them. Her home is located down the road south of Bree.

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Cithryth’s Outfit

I have been using a lovely new crimson-themed outfit for Cithryth, to match her Steed of Eriador. She uses this as her battle outfit and for when she patrols Bree, helping the watchers keep order in the town.

The outfit is:

  • Hooded Cloak of the Mallorn (Crimson)
  • Winged Circlet (default)
  • Westernesse Jacket (crimson)
  • Westernesse Shoulder-guards (crimson)
  • Fingerless Gloves (crimson)
  • Westernesse Leggings (crimson)
  • Westernesse Boots (crimson)