A little over a year ago I signed up for a course on Udemy called “How to Code by Making Games in Unity”. I got through the first two sections and made a basic in-console number guessing game and then I kind of let the course fall by the wayside. As 2016 began rolling around, I decided to set the goal that I would finish up all these half-completed online courses I had signed up for, so the first one I’ve been working on is this Unity development course.

I really like this course for a couple of reasons. It’s on Udemy, so that means there’s no hard start or end dates – I can pick it up and pause it as I need. There’s also not really much in the way of grading or examination. You have to be self-motivated to go through the course and learn what you need. But that also means I can have fun with the games they walk us through making and really turn it into something I want to make.

So for the first ‘real’ game with a UI, we had to make a little text-based escape with key-press options. The base game the instructors walked through making was a prison escape game, but since I’ve been playing SOMA so much lately I devised a short mystery taking place on a submarine. Predictably, the game is called SUBMARINE, and you can play it in your browser (if you’re not using Chrome, anyway):

It’s really exciting to make my first game, even if it is just a short little text game. Heck, it’s just plain exciting to make something that other people can interact with and get something out of. I love this feeling, so it’s encouraging me to continue with the course and learn more about creating games. Hopefully soon I’ll have an even more fleshed-out game to share with all of you!
Let me know what you think of SUBMARINE, by the way. I have plans to expand the story and allow for different paths you can choose to go down. It’ll take a bit of time to get the story figured out and coded in, though.

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