Sagewood: Eglain Finder

((This is written for the Windfola Ost Guruth RP hub prompts as detailed here and here.))

Annabell Sagewood is a woman in her earlier thirties who hails from Bree-town. She is single and her family has all passed away. However, when her parents died, they left her a considerable inheritance and she is now a woman of some wealth. Yet she is still a hunter by profession. She sells hides, fish and other things she finds in the wild to merchants in town. She also has quite a reputation with the Eglain of Ost Guruth and works for them finding relics and other pieces of their history. She is, as a rule, wary of the other races of Middle-earth, however a little less so with dwarves because she does so much business with them. Her home is located down the road south of Bree.

Sagewood may or may not be trusted. She is known to steal things that she does not feel she needs to work for. However, recent events have shown that there is some good in her heart afterall: Upon meeting two strange Southron women in Bree at the Pony, she allowed them into her home to stay for the duration of their journeys in Eriador.

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