Rymdkapsel – Beautifully Simplistic Strategy


In rymdkapsel, you build a space station using Tetris blocks. And like Tetris, you have a preview in the corner letting you know what shapes your different building elements will come as. By fitting different sections of your space station together you can utilize space in a more effective way. Sometimes that comes across in the form of taking up less space in the game setting and sometimes it just means that your workers can get to where they are going faster. Predictably like in Tetris, those long thin pieces come more infrequently than you would like.

Rymdkapsel has a beautiful simplicity in all its aspects. The art style is very minimalistic: your workers are represented by just small white rectangles and your resources come in brightly coloured pyramids or cubes. There’s enough detail to differentiate all the pieces but not enough to distract from gameplay. The music helps set a similar tone with its undulating electronic droning. According to the developer, grapefrukt games, rymdkapsel is meant to be a “meditative strategy game” and the music certainly helps sooth you into a more meditative state.

Don’t be fooled by the serene music and simple controls. If you’re not paying attention to your minions and their resources you can end up facing quite a dilemma. In the “Normal” default game mode, waves of enemies attack your station with increasing numbers and less time between waves. This means you have to make sure you have enough workers at the ready to man defense stations on your space station to destroy the enemies as they come in.

Although I’m primarily a PC gamer, I decided to try rymdkapsel out on my Android tablet as well to see the differences. I was surprised to find that I actually liked the game more in its mobile format. Although the controls are fine on the PC version they seem to make more sense in the touch-screen environment of mobile games. Sliding your workers into their work groups makes more sense using your fingertip than your mouse. The only downside to the mobile version of the game is that it does not yet come with the Plus and Zen game modes that the PC version has although the developer states that these modes will come to the mobile versions in a free update later on.

Rymdkapsel and is available on Steam for $7.99 for Windows, Mac, and Linux. It’s also available on the Apple App Store, Android’s Google Play, and the PS Vita.

This article originally appeared at Shoost.co and was published in May 2014. Since that site got shut down I am now re-hosting my article here. Also, I think in the final version there was a bit more to the article but this is the only version I have saved. Freelance protip: save the final versions of your articles to your own storage so you don’t kick yourself later.

The game key for this review was given to the site I originally wrote this review for.

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