Round 2 of Update 6 Outfit Creations!

I was able to log into Bullroarer today and get a look around the new areas. Stangard (the Rohirrim village) is awesome! It is so epic. You can actually go inside all of the extraneous houses that otherwise have no purpose really. Just for atmosphere I guess. And it’s brilliant. You can even go up into all the watchtowers. It’s everything I would have ever dreamed of it being. My only criticism really is the music. It’s just the skirmish theme rehashed. Oh well. I guess I’ll just mute it and play the music from the movies, which had awesome music for Rohan.

Anyway, my point is, my outfits for Cithryth matched right in with the various soldiers and spear-men walking around the village. I also got a feel for Thinglad, the area connected to Lothlorien. It’s basically a corrupted kind of Lorien. It definitely helped with my outfits for Sriracha. And hear they are…
















  1. Cosmetic Lotro   •  

    I really like the black outfit. That’s just perfect for an elf going into Rohan! Elvish elegance combined with sturdy leather. Very nice!

  2. Devonna   •  

    Really love the black and brown outfit. I think both are wonderful. :)

  3. Ravanel   •  

    The Woods Sentinel outfit is lovely! Can’t wait to see more soon.

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