Keg Delivery [FTIL Write-up]

I had finally arrived at the Bird and Baby in Michel Delving with my delivery of Brandy Wine from Stock for the Inn League. While I was chatting with the hobbits in the Inn League’s special room they mentioned there would be a group of people gathering in the courtyard soon for some drinks and a smoke and possibly a story. Could hardly pass up hearing a good story. Not to mention free drinks.

I made my way for the courtyard and stationed myself near the keg wall. I lit my pipe and waited to see what kind of people were going to be gathering. Slowly a crowd of folk trickled in. Mostly men and women, but a few of them Elves too. It being Michel Delving, there were of course some of the Little Folk.

As the ale started flowing, they started to talk about traveling. Where they were from, where they’d been. I noticed a Ranger standing near the wall of the pub. I didn’t recognize him, but he was unmistakably a Ranger. One of the Little Folk, Briefer I think I heard her name was, told one of Bilbo Baggins’ old poems about the road.

At one point, some elf started trying to make small talk with me. Was asking if I knew the Chetwood, and of course I do! I told him how good those trees are for timber. The Combe Lumber camp wouldn’t be in business if that weren’t true. But he got all upset with me for killin’ trees and I laughed at that. He just got more and more upset with me til the warrior Kharrn tried to cool him down. Haughty elves!

Another hobbit, Altigar, tried to change the subject by telling a story. Hobbit stories are always good for a listen, though I doubt any of them are true. He told about a hobbit named Elric Wutherbrook who loved a girl named Lily. He went searching all the world for flowers to give to her because of her father. It’s because of him that the Forget-me-not flower grows in the Shire.

A short time later I took my leave and headed back for Bree.

The Golden Perch [FTIL Prompt]

You notice a small piece of paper nailed near the door of the Prancing Pony. It reads…

To Whosoever Enjoys the Drinking of Ales, Smoking of Pipe-weed and Spinning of Tales:

Meet me at the Golden Perch in the town of Stock in the Shire. It is a quaint hobbit pub I have recently come to enjoy and would like to meet any like-minded friends. Bring your stories and your pipe-weed, but don’t worry yourself over the ale, the Golden Perch has plenty!

Meet me in the courtyard of the Golden Perch at the Usual Time.
Cithryth, Diplomat of Rohan

Sagewood: Eglain Finder

((This is written for the Windfola Ost Guruth RP hub prompts as detailed here and here.))

Annabell Sagewood is a woman in her earlier thirties who hails from Bree-town. She is single and her family has all passed away. However, when her parents died, they left her a considerable inheritance and she is now a woman of some wealth. Yet she is still a hunter by profession. She sells hides, fish and other things she finds in the wild to merchants in town. She also has quite a reputation with the Eglain of Ost Guruth and works for them finding relics and other pieces of their history. She is, as a rule, wary of the other races of Middle-earth, however a little less so with dwarves because she does so much business with them. Her home is located down the road south of Bree.

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Friends, Old and New

I began my evening, per usual, sitting on the steps of the Prancing Pony, playing my harp and waiting the arrival of my friends. Slowly Coelbryt, Celebrie, Kharrn, Miss Ghraye and some new friends, Aneofled and Dalthalion, arrived. We waited some time and wondered where our friend Fron had wandered off to. Finally he arrived, however around the same time a gang of miscreants also showed up. I had warned these fellows off last week as well. It seems Bree is no longer the safe haven it once was.

After enough of Barliman’s Best was purchased for our evening, we made our way to the Mess Hall to partake of it and listen to Fron’s tale. We soon realized that quite a few more joined us than we thought! The Mess Hall seemed quite full and merry, but not too much so.

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My Role-Playing Predicament

I am in a bit of a mental pickle.

My home server that I have always played on is Windfola. I love Windfola. I have many friends there and it’s a smaller community so that nothing is ever too crowded, however I never feel as if the server is deserted. The only problem with Windfola is the role-playing, of which there is little to none.

I never really had an interest in role-playing until the past few months. I had always kind of had a backstory for Cithryth and Herefara in the back of my mind, but I never really did anything with it. I always tried to dress my characters realistically and always tried to make them seem like they really were from Rohan.

As many of you know, I then began a crusade of sorts to bring role-play to Windfola. It has been going well enough. There is a small group of us that meet every Saturday night at the Pony. The only problem is that we often get overrun by griefers. We don’t have the kind of numbers that Landroval has. I know if griefers show up at Ales and Tales, they are told in no uncertain terms that that kind of behavior is unwelcome and they usually leave because they are outnumbered. It seems the reverse for poor Windolfa, however. But we are making do.

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Cithryth’s Outfit

I have been using a lovely new crimson-themed outfit for Cithryth, to match her Steed of Eriador. She uses this as her battle outfit and for when she patrols Bree, helping the watchers keep order in the town.

The outfit is:

  • Hooded Cloak of the Mallorn (Crimson)
  • Winged Circlet (default)
  • Westernesse Jacket (crimson)
  • Westernesse Shoulder-guards (crimson)
  • Fingerless Gloves (crimson)
  • Westernesse Leggings (crimson)
  • Westernesse Boots (crimson)

Cithryth’s Arrival in Eriador

Three years ago I was still living in a small village in the Westfold of Rohan. I was the captain of an all-women militia, called together for when the men rode to war. Our job was to protect the village. We had been noticing an increasing orc presence from the North. They were encroaching on our land and had killed some of our livestock.

One day I was on a patrol around our fields when I smelt something foul. I saw smoke rising in the distance… in the direction of my village. I rode as fast as I could back but it was too late. A third of our village had burned. Some of the women of my militia were killed in the attack. We were able to avenge them and killed some orcs. They all bore a white hand painted on their helm. At the time, we knew not what it meant. I made the decision that day to ride north to find out what was the cause of this madness.

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Fireworks, Friends and Food

Today was a wonderful day for my kin and I had a glorious End-of-Yule gathering to mark the passing of the coldest part of winter. We celebrated with music and a large collection of fireworks!

We also took a gamble on our drinking habits! We designated that whoever to get to Trestlebridge while utterly smashingly drunk would win a large purse. So we all partook of the strongest brew the Inn League could provide.

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Daehiril’s Introduction

Daehiril is the new female elf champion character that I plan on creating. This is a brief start to her story…

What was my name? There are none now who know. They have all sailed West, or worse. I am known now as Daehiril, shadow maiden, for I am but a shadow of my former self. I once was the crafter of great blades and wife of a great champion. But he is lost to me. With the loss of my Beloved, I went into hiding. All this time since the Last Alliance I have been in Rivendell, debating when I should sail West. Do I truly wish to leave the land that my husband and I had once fought so hard to protect? Should I make the final journey West?  I never truly decided to stay. It was merely indecision that kept me longer.

But now the Shadow is growing once more. I can feel it coming from the East. That which my husband died trying to destroy has returned. My decision is now clear. I must take up his swords and defend Middle-earth once more.