No More Let’s Plays


My original plan for my YouTube channel in 2015 was to come back from my four-month-long slump with a vengeance. I was going to get everything back on schedule, finish up series that had been dragging out, and start up new, exciting series too. However I also want 2015 to be a year of introspection and time management. So I have to ask myself, is doing Let’s Plays a good use of my time?

When I say “good” I mean a couple things: Am I enjoying myself when I record videos? Do I look forward to recording and editing and all that jazz? Or am I beginning to see it more as something I’m expected  to do, but on my own probably wouldn’t be spending my time doing?

After carefully thinking about these questions the past few days, the unfortunate reality has bubbled to the surface. I’m just plain bored of doing Let’s Play style videos – which comprises the majority of the content on my YouTube channel. I know people enjoy my commentary on my videos however when I actually sit down to play I often feel like I just don’t have much to say that I haven’t already said in the previous 20 episodes or so. That makes me feel bored and not look forward to recording. Then I fall behind on putting out new videos which makes me feel guilty and contributes to not really being in the mood to record.

I do still really enjoy doing guides and tutorials and recommendations and special feature videos. I still like writing blog posts about games. I still love podcasting and running Guild Wars Players. But I’m not going to do Let’s Play style video content anymore.

I’m going to edit the remaining raw episodes I have and release them. But none of the currently running series will reach their intended conclusions. I’m also going to be turning off my Patreon within a week from now. I can’t say thank you enough to the people who have supported me there. That support has helped immensely the past few months. But it would be wrong of my to keep the Patreon up when I’m not putting out the content that it was originally intended to fund. Maybe I’ll relaunch it again later with a true focus on writing and guides and drawing and all the things I’m working on now. But we’ll see.

Thank you all so much for watching, listening, reading, commenting, and supporting me. You are awesome. I’ll see you around the internet.

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  1. Flosiin   •  

    I think your play through are good. Your guides are even better. Can hear your enthusiasm for the material a lot more. Keep up the great work!

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