Mind = Blown

So I just finished my playthrough of the game Home. It is 50% off right now on Steam which means it is all of $1.49 USD. Buy it. I thought Dear Esther blew my mind, but this game takes the cake. It’s not a ‘jump out and scare you’ kind of horror game but rather a ‘slow burn’ of suspenseful anxiety as you try to figure out just what the heck is going on. In the end your mind will be blown. The decisions you make along the way change the outcome of the story, giving it replay-value. I recorded my playthrough and will be posting it in two parts – part one will come out this Friday 4PM (Eastern US time – but actually 8AM on Saturday here in NZ) and part two will come out Monday.

Also episode two of my Lore-master playthrough comes out tomorrow, so watch for that too! I’d love feedback from you LOTRO players!

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