Keep Gaming Going with Hand Health


With the release of Heart of Thorns, I’ve been putting in gaming overtime. That’s saying a lot because I know that I spend more time gaming every day than many people as it is. Because of this, I’ve noticed a bit of strain and ache in my left wrist lately, so I decided to start paying better attention to my hand health. I’ve dug up some resources that have really helped my wrists and hands feel better – when I remember to use them!

First thing’s first – make sure you’re using good hand posture! This is actually the hardest for me to remember because the height of my desk and chair make sitting ‘properly’ feel very awkward or impossible. So I can totally understand if this isn’t quite practical, but it’s definitely something to keep in mind. Ideally, you want to have your lower arm (elbow to fingers) straight with your forearm resting on your chair’s armrest.

Don’t let the heel of your palm sit on the desk. Make your hand/fingers “float” over the keyboard. You can see this in a diagram below:

Like I said, I know depending on your situation, this might not be possible. But keep the ideal in mind!

On top of good hand posture, there are exercises and stretches you can do with your hands and wrists every hour or so to help stop them from cramping up or wearing out. Dr. Levi Harrison on YouTube has put together some videos with some various hand stretches you can do. Here is his first video, featuring some stretches that don’t require any extra tools besides your own hands:

And here is his new video that came out last month that shows how to use cylinders or stress balls to further stretch out and relax your hand muscles:

I’ve been trying to keep hand posture in mind while I play lately. When I do manage to remember, my wrist and hands feel great! The stretches and hand massages are super helpful too. Hopefully these resources will help you keep gaming, too!

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