I’m a Bad YouTuber

I’m taking this week off videos in an attempt to get back to being a Good YouTuber. Because I have been a pretty bad YouTubuer the past few months. Back in August I was doing a really good job of putting out a bunch of videos every week on schedule and having a bunch lined up in advanced. Then I went on my near month-long vacation and my YouTubing groove has been off ever since.
It’s already late Tuesday afternoon and I’m behind on this week’s videos. Again. So I’m going to try taking this week off from posting any videos. Note: I said posting any videos. The rest of this week I’m going to be recording and editing and getting a backlog of videos going. I’m hoping that this gets me back into my Good YouTuber groove where I can post lots of videos every week on a schedule.
As always, if you have questions, concerns, et cetera please feel free to comment. I’ll answer to the best of my ability.
See you around the internet!


  1. Bruthvo   •  

    I think that calling yourself a “Bad YouTuber” is a little too harsh. While you may have been out of your groove for a while you have at least been uploading content and haven’t just stopped uploading videos altogether. And I find that much more better then ignoring your channel for 3 months.

    • Cithryth   •     Author

      Thanks for the comment. You definitely have a point – at least I didn’t just do a full stop. Some content is definitely better than no content!

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