How Do I Get Into Game Design?


Many of us who love playing video games want to learn how to make our own, too. Although I haven’t ever fully followed through with it, I’m no exception! I’ve always been bookmarking away helpful resources so that one day should I ever really feel motivated enough to go through with it, I too could work on making my own game.

So now I’ve decided to share these resources with you! If you have any other resources that you feel would help others get into making games, please let me know in the comments!

  • Sorting Hat – A sort-of online quiz that helps you figure out what kind of tools to use based on what types of games you’re interested in making.
  • Pixel Prospector’s Big List of Game Making Tools – If you just want to know what’s out there for you to play with, this is a great resource!
  • Learn to Code By Making Games – This is a great Udemy course that I’m enrolled in. I only got through the first bit where you make a number guessing game, but it’s a good course because even if you’re new to coding and programming it’s easy to follow and understand.
  • Stencyl – This is a game making software, but it’s designed to be incredibly easy and code-free. It’s like game dev-by-LEGOs. It even comes with a surprisingly helpful tutorial that will walk you through the software.
  • Gamasutra – Once you’ve gotten into the game development process, I recommend checking out this site. Developers and others in the industry often post here about their experiences that could help you. Eventually you could even help others by posting your own experiences!

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