Herefara and Milkthistle

I haven’t posted in almost a month! Sorry! It’s not for lack of time, just lack of anything to post about really. I’ve mostly been working on deed with Sagewood, and so haven’t had much excitement in the land of LOTRO. Also been playing quite a bit of SimCity (60+ hours logged at this point). That game is pretty fun but the way the AI behaves and deals with problems gets annoying after awhile. But generally I think I got my money’s worth out of it.

Anyway, yesterday I had been deeding on Sagewood and dropped by Bree to process ore and hides I had picked up along the way. While exiting the vault I stopped by the mannequins and notices the Minstrel and Captain sets “of the West” were available so I decided to see how much they were. To my surprise, you can now buy them with Mithril Coins! And not just that, but 20 coins gets you the whole set. I have no idea if this is actually a good deal (I didn’t check to see the price of coins in the store nor the price of the outfits with TP, if that’s even a viable option now). I decided to buy both sets since I have a whole ton of coins from all of my characters that I don’t see using much…. except for outfits now I guess! So the outfits gave me an inspiration for a new outfit for Herefara. I also decided to use the TP I won from the LOTRO Fashion Contest to buy her some warsteed colors to match the new outfit:


Spear-shaker’s Jacket – white

Sturdy Westernesse Leggings – white

Ceremonial Cry of the West Shoulderguards – white

Ceremonial Secret of the West Gauntlets – umber

Threadbare Boots of the Dunland Healer – umber


Blond Hide

Tan Mane/Tail

Hunter’s Caparison – umber

Hunter’s Saddle

Most of the inspiration for the outfit came from the look of the captain “of the West” set, although I ended up only using the shoulders. I thought about using the chest piece as well, but it seemed more appropriate to use a leather jacket for a warden. I might switch them back again, but for now I really like this outfit. And Milkthistle matches splendidly!


  1. Starry Mantle   •  

    Awesome match with the steed and beautiful screenshots, Cithryth!

    I was trying to pin this to my “inspiring outfits” board on Pinterest, but for some reason Pinterest can’t seem to locate the pictures. If that’s intentional I completely understand, but I just wanted to bring it to your attention in case it isn’t! :)

  2. City   •     Author


    That’s very strange re: Pinterest. It’s definitely not intentional, I love people sharing my outfits! I just tested it out and was able to pin them without much issue, both from the blog post itself and after right clicking an image to “View Image” and pinning from there (you can see them here: Not sure what the issue might be that you’re experiencing though :(

  3. Starry Mantle   •  

    I was able to pin via your pin! Still weird that it’s not working for me in the usual way though. I’ll keep experimenting and hopefully sort it out. Thanks Cithryth! :)

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