Guild Wars 2 Character Progress


If you watch my videos or follow me on Twitter, you probably know that my current obsession is Guild Wars 2. What I thought would be an MMO that I would occasionally log in to on weekends for an hour or two has consumed me in a way I haven’t experienced since I started playing Lord of the Rings Online. The quality of the game really took me by surprise. In the past month since I started playing, I have already sunk more hours than I would care to admit into leveling, cosmetics, crafting, and general exploration of Tyria.

One of the things I love about this game is how easy it is to make an amazing looking character. I am very well known in the LOTRO-sphere for my love of cosmetics and Guild Wars 2 really plays into that love. Since I have now been playing for a little over a month and have some stunning looking characters (if I do say so myself), I figured I would post up some progress pictures. These pictures represent my characters’ looks, level progress, and map completion as of November 11, 2014 at 2PM New Zealand time.

myrrajah nov 11cithryth nov 11cythnan nov 11

cirtha nov 11charrthryth nov 11








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