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Since the last time I posted a Guild Wars 2 Character Progress report, a lot has happened for me and GW2. We started the Guild Wars Players site up and Drac (and eventually Ethelros, too) and I started podcasting as Guild Wars Players News. It’s been awesome and GW2 still has me in a tight grip. I’d play all day if I could. And I have some days, as you might be able to tell from my characters…

cythnae dec 30cythnan dec 30cythayne dec 30cithryth dec 30cirth dec 30


Even since making these little progress pictures, my ranger has gained a few levels and gotten a new set of armor. You can also tell I’ve used some Makeover kits on most of my characters (twice, in the case of my mesmer, who also got a name change). I decided not to include my engineer, Charrthryth, in this line-up just because I have a whole video series around her, so I felt like adding her to the progress pictures was a bit redundant.

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  1. Bruthvo   •  

    I honestly think that it is impossible to make an ugly toon in GW2, I haven’t seen a single toon that looks REALLY ugly.

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