Gearing Up for Update 6 – Forth Eorlingas!

Today Turbine released some screenshots, lore snipets and video of the seven new zones we will be getting in Update 6. This includes lots of Rohirrim camps and even… a Rohirrim village!! This is moment I’ve been waiting for since I started the game. I absolutely love Rohan and everything about it. That’s why Cithryth is from Rohan (and Herefara too). I love the lore and just the whole idea of Rohan.

So I’m pretty excited to start heading there.

The videos and screenshots inspired me to make two outfits for each of my high level characters (Cithryth, Herefara, Sriracha). Since they are two Rohirrim women and a Lothlorien elf, it makes pretty good sense given where these new zones are.

So here are my outfits I’ve made for Cithryth in anticipation of the new update!

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  1. Devonna   •  

    I am in love with the green outfit! Very unique :)

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