Friends, Old and New

I began my evening, per usual, sitting on the steps of the Prancing Pony, playing my harp and waiting the arrival of my friends. Slowly Coelbryt, Celebrie, Kharrn, Miss Ghraye and some new friends, Aneofled and Dalthalion, arrived. We waited some time and wondered where our friend Fron had wandered off to. Finally he arrived, however around the same time a gang of miscreants also showed up. I had warned these fellows off last week as well. It seems Bree is no longer the safe haven it once was.

After enough of Barliman’s Best was purchased for our evening, we made our way to the Mess Hall to partake of it and listen to Fron’s tale. We soon realized that quite a few more joined us than we thought! The Mess Hall seemed quite full and merry, but not too much so.

Fron told us his story of his encounter with mine and Coelbryt’s people, the Rohirrim. Fron told us that he had been an ambassador to Brytta the Beloved, the 11th king of Rohan! I knew not that we had those of such high status amongst us!

More surprises arose as I asked everyone to introduce themselves as I realized that many were new faces who may not know each other. Phaewin, a Noldor of the First Age had slipped in the door while Fron was telling his story. Fron was very excited to see a member of his kin and the whole room was awed at the presence of one so old.

((Overall it was a great evening! We seem to be having troubles with one kin in particular trying to grief us but I have spoken to their kin leader and he is attempting to rein them in. I think it went pretty well because I went around Bree-land about 2 hours before hand and announced the event. I also announced half an hour before. It was really good to see new faces who were so interested in RPing with us. I spoke in tells to Phaewin, Aneofled and Orander (Who couldn’t make it to the event but hopes to join us next week). I also spoke to a character named Vikaresh, who plays on Landroval but was trying out Windfola for a ‘fresh start’. We both lamented the state of Windfola RP and he wished me luck with my endeavors. He told me if I ever needed anything on my characters on Landroval that I should ask for ‘Thor’. Thanks Thor :)

There is hope for Windfola yet, and I will keep trying!

Also while talking to Phaewin, she suggested we do some more ‘adventurous’ RP sessions for FTIL. I agree wholeheartedly. I know Bolo is trying to get the skirmish RP going, and I look forward to doing his next event. Phaewin suggested we all go on a fishing trip. I think this would be great as it wouldn’t matter what level anyone is, everyone could participate.

Another idea I’ve been having is to do a pub-crawl in the Shire or something. It would be very interesting! Or for a change of pace we could all gather at the Pony as we usually do, but then venture down to Sagewood’s house.

Either way, expanding what we do is something I am very interested in doing, now that we seem to be getting more people.))

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