Fireworks, Friends and Food

Today was a wonderful day for my kin and I had a glorious End-of-Yule gathering to mark the passing of the coldest part of winter. We celebrated with music and a large collection of fireworks!

We also took a gamble on our drinking habits! We designated that whoever to get to Trestlebridge while utterly smashingly drunk would win a large purse. So we all partook of the strongest brew the Inn League could provide.

When we all awoke from our stupor, we discovered that Kharrn had managed to make his way to the Trestlespan while under the strong influence of the Inn League brew. We all mustered again at our kin-hall in Ered Luin and went on a march to Bree. I had my weekly meeting with my friends at the Pony to attend to, and we all still had a large collection of fireworks…

So we arrived at the Pony and set them all off! Finduilwe was not pleased, as usual, about the loud noises, however he was pleased with the impressive display.

I met up with my friends, Fronagon, Ghraye and Saora. Bree was bustling this day, and so it was hard to hear each other over the raucous of the other people gathered by the firework displays. We had to move our story telling to the Mess Hall just down the way, which was fine for all of us adventurers who were starving!

Miss Ghraye told us of the inebriated elves that she had to sort out in Lorien and Fronagon told us of how he came to wear an eyepatch. After the tales, the night ended as we all had duties to attend to. Myself, I had to go assist my kinsmen in the deep dark of Moria.

For our next gathering, I think I shall tell the tale of my travels north to Eriador.

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