Daehiril’s Introduction

Daehiril is the new female elf champion character that I plan on creating. This is a brief start to her story…

What was my name? There are none now who know. They have all sailed West, or worse. I am known now as Daehiril, shadow maiden, for I am but a shadow of my former self. I once was the crafter of great blades and wife of a great champion. But he is lost to me. With the loss of my Beloved, I went into hiding. All this time since the Last Alliance I have been in Rivendell, debating when I should sail West. Do I truly wish to leave the land that my husband and I had once fought so hard to protect? Should I make the final journey West?  I never truly decided to stay. It was merely indecision that kept me longer.

But now the Shadow is growing once more. I can feel it coming from the East. That which my husband died trying to destroy has returned. My decision is now clear. I must take up his swords and defend Middle-earth once more.

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