Cithryth’s Arrival in Eriador

Three years ago I was still living in a small village in the Westfold of Rohan. I was the captain of an all-women militia, called together for when the men rode to war. Our job was to protect the village. We had been noticing an increasing orc presence from the North. They were encroaching on our land and had killed some of our livestock.

One day I was on a patrol around our fields when I smelt something foul. I saw smoke rising in the distance… in the direction of my village. I rode as fast as I could back but it was too late. A third of our village had burned. Some of the women of my militia were killed in the attack. We were able to avenge them and killed some orcs. They all bore a white hand painted on their helm. At the time, we knew not what it meant. I made the decision that day to ride north to find out what was the cause of this madness.

I rode north past Isengard and continued further north, past the hillmen tribes and rotting Elven ruins. I saw nothing out of the ordinary. I noticed smoke rising from Isengard, but thought nothing of it at the time. My people knew of the White Wizard, but we are wary of magick, so I kept my distance. I had no reason to suspect him for he was always a friend to my King.

When I arrived in Bree-land, I noticed a large presence of ruffians and brigands. One night, I strayed too close to their camp while observing them. They took me captive and threw me in their jail. A man named Strider assisted me in escaping. He taught me much about Eriador and its peoples. He explained that he was the leader of a group whose purpose was to protect the innocent of Eriador. It seemed that our goals were one in the same: to vanquish this threat and to protect those who needed protecting.

After escaping from jail, I deemed it necessary to help Strider’s people, the Rangers as most called them, the Dunedain as they called themselves. Through helping the Rangers I discovered something very interesting indeed: the orcs that had begun to infest Bree-land were the same orcs that were plaguing my people!

Finally, news that my journey north was not in vain. With this news in mind, I made the decision to stay in Eriador for the time. It seemed that by attacking the threat in the north, I would uncover the secret to my own village’s problems…

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