The Birth of a Genre: Procedural Death Labyrinth


In the past few years, the roguelike genre has exploded with popularity. However some people dislike the prevalent use of the term “roguelike” to describe procedurally generated games with permadeath due to the genre’s long established traditions such as ASCII art and turn-based action. But as the genre gains popularity some work to bring a more appropriate term that suits all of the popular modern “roguelike-likes”.

But where did the term roguelike start?

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November of the Soul


It’s October now which means Fall is really starting to kick in in the Northern Hemisphere. Falling leaves, pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkins – the whole bit. Meanwhile here in the Southern Hemisphere Spring is just starting to wake up. The tiny pink blossoms on my peach tree are starting to bloom and little green leafy buds are visible on trees everywhere.

Despite all this growth and green, it’s a terribly depressing time of year for me. Fall is my favorite season, hands down. It’s time to break out the sweaters and boots and make everything apple-cinnamon-pumpkin-spice-whatever flavored. If there’s a Yankee Candle that combines the smell of decaying leaves and wood fires, please send me five of them. And don’t even get me started on all the wonderful turkey-cranberry sandwiches that pop up around this time, too.

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Gaming as Reward

woman hiking boots on rocks

I’m the kind of person that stays motivated with rewards. Some people find better motivation through more nebulous rewards like “knowing I did a good job” or “getting it done is its own reward”, stuff like that. Me, I need something. A new lipstick. A fancy coffee with all the whipped cream and whatever-syrup on top. That pair of shoes I’ve been eyeing for the past month. Or… a nice long session with the game I’ve been craving all day.

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Recent Reading Material


While I was away in the States I got back into comic books.

Every so often I go through a phase of being really into certain mangas or comic books or graphic novels. This used to happen with much more frequency and I blame my comic decline on New Zealand. The closest comic shop is about 4 hours away and usually doesn’t have the comics I am interested in getting into. The alternative is, of course, Comixology, however I really enjoy having physical comics. There’s something that just feels nice about watching your small stack of thin little comics grow.

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Easing Back

m6rT4MYFQ7CT8j9m2AEC_JakeGivens - Sunset in the Park


I’ve been back in New Zealand for a little over a week now. It feels like way longer though, but I guess that’s just what coming home feels like. It was a little weird being back in the States. It’s not that I spend a lot of time here in New Zealand feeling out of place or ‘other’ or anything, but it’s a significant enough about of time that going back to the US where I blend right in was weird. When I spoke, I didn’t stick out. No one asked me about my accent. It was nice. And it was nice to be surrounded my (mostly) familiar things and eating foods I missed (I did a lot of eating foods I missed). Overall though the trip reminded me that I’m glad to live in New Zealand. Things are slower here. That has its pros and cons, but for me I think the cons are worth it in the end.

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Settling For Headphones

Beautiful sunrise

My 24th birthday is coming up in less than a month and I’m realizing that it will be the fourth birthday I’ve spent in New Zealand, despite having only lived here for a little over a year now. It’s a weird thing, moving to another country. Different people have different experiences and emotions about it because the reasons and situations can be so different from person to person. I can’t speak for anyone else – all of these thoughts and feelings here are only my own. I have just been feeling a bit homesick and nostalgic lately and felt a compelling urge to share.


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Video – Farmer’s Faire Overview – 2013

This video is a bit different from my usual episodes in my Lore-master series, but I felt like a Farmer’s Faire guide/overview was something that could be helpful. I walkthrough all the main quests in the Faire at Bywater and provide tips and hints to get through some of the trickier ones – including the Egg Scramble and Mushroom Hunt. Hope you enjoy it!