Frustrated Over Cosmetic Distortions

So today I tried logging into my elf rune-keeper Sriracha to try out some outfit combos using the new crafted items (because I love them). However my excitement soon turned to frustration. All of the new crafted items distort female elven bodies terribly! First, here’s an example of a all-in-one chest piece (as in, a chest piece that covers up how the leggings equipped look) from the Dunland quests that does not distort the usual female elven form:

Females elves have always been quite… hip heavy. However nothing else about this piece changes the way the legs, arms or hips look compared to how they always have. Now lets look at the new level 80 medium crafted:

First of the most noticeable thing is the ankles. The legs do not match up to the feet normally! This happens even if you go barefoot, so this definitely indicates that the legs of this chest piece cosmetic are not calibrated correctly. Next, look at the width of the legs compared to the arms in this new chestpiece, then look back at the older not-distorted piece. You might notice that in the older piece, the legs are the same width or slightly thicker than the arms. not so in this case! The legs are smaller than the arms in some places on this new piece. Also, look at the hips. Much narrow! Whereas previously the hips were slightly narrower than the shoulders, now the hips are noticeably narrower than the shoulders.

Overall, the distortion is very annoying when you’re trying to put together outfits. And unfortunately, the effect is not isolated to just that cosmetic texture. Here’s the level 80 heavy armour:

Again, the hips and legs are much too small for the female elves. They look very top heavy.

Another problem is the lvl 80 medium boots. I love the cosmetic of these boots on my human female, however they are unwearable on my elf. I have literally tried every pair of leggings in my wardrobe and vault and ALL of them clip through the boot – even the super skinny leggings that are basically flat against the leg! It’s like the book texture is rendered too far forward, so the calf sticks all the way out of the boot. Here’s an example:

I’m glad my main is a human in this case because I would be very disappointed and angry if this were my main character. I’ve submitted many bugs the past few days with screenshots of these phenomena. Hopefully they get fixed.

Round 2 of Update 6 Outfit Creations!

I was able to log into Bullroarer today and get a look around the new areas. Stangard (the Rohirrim village) is awesome! It is so epic. You can actually go inside all of the extraneous houses that otherwise have no purpose really. Just for atmosphere I guess. And it’s brilliant. You can even go up into all the watchtowers. It’s everything I would have ever dreamed of it being. My only criticism really is the music. It’s just the skirmish theme rehashed. Oh well. I guess I’ll just mute it and play the music from the movies, which had awesome music for Rohan.

Anyway, my point is, my outfits for Cithryth matched right in with the various soldiers and spear-men walking around the village. I also got a feel for Thinglad, the area connected to Lothlorien. It’s basically a corrupted kind of Lorien. It definitely helped with my outfits for Sriracha. And hear they are…















My Fashion Week Submissions!

So now that fashion week is over, here’s what I’ve submitted. Now that it’s over though I’m afraid I misinterpreted the ‘must have a resolution of 1024×786’ bit – I thought it meant that my screen resolution had to be at least that while taking the pictures, not that the pictures themselves had to be 1024×768 pixels – I’m still not sure actually. Just worried! If I did it wrong – oh well! I still feel like I put together some awesome outfits and my images are top quality. So anyway, here they are!

Fashion in Motion

Professionally Minded

Formal Wear








Outfitter’s Block

Yes, I know. I have a very sporadic posting schedule anymore. But honestly, I think about posting all the time I just end up not knowing what to say. In this post I’m mostly going to talk about LOTRO and outfits but hopefully some point later I’m going to make an all-Minecraft post. There’s some cool stuff going on with some shading mods I want to talk about because they completely change the way Minecraft looks and feels (in a very awesome way).

Anyway, on to the outfits and all that.

Like I posted last time, I’m in the middle of re-doing pretty much all of my characters’ outfits. My problem is though that I feel like I get stuck in these ruts where I end up using only a handful of pieces over and over and over again in different colors but in more or less the same combination. I’ve been looking at outfit blogs like LOTRO Stylist, LOTRO Fashion and Cosmetic LOTRO to get ideas but I still feel like I’m hitting an outfitting wall. I just got the Dunedain Ranger cosmetics from Vol 3 Book 5, so that has added something new to my wardrobe. Here’s some of the things I’ve got for Cithryth at the moment, hopefully someone will give me some ideas on what I can do/change/make better:

As you can see, I’m pretty much in love with my new armour pieces from Dunland quests, as well as the Traveller’s Hood. I really love the black outfit with the Grey Company Hood. In fact I love that outfit so much I set Herefara up with it as well, but with different shoulders. I saw the ranger outfit posted at LOTRO Stylist and I really want to re-create that. I also have realized I made a silly comment in reply to that post – I don’t actually have to go to Helegrod anymore to get that armour. Oh well. On the bright side I now know I only need 43 more Medallions until I can get that Spear-shaker’s chestpiece. Here are just two of the outfits I’ve been working on with Herefara in the meantime of getting that chestpiece:

Now that I think about it, I think I’ve posted that first outfit here before. It just matches Herefara so perfectly. I’ve also been working on Sriracha’s outfits. Here are two dressy outfit’s I’ve made. I think the second one is still a work-in-progress:

If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know!

Sriracha’s New Outfits

Today I set my Rune-keeper, Sriracha, up with some new outfits: One for when she goes DPS and one for when she goes healing.


Composed of:

  • Tawarwaith Shoulder Pads (Rivendell Green)
  • Elven Cloth Shirt (Rivendell Green)
  • Fingerless Gloves (Umber)
  • Westernesse Protector’s Leggings (Rivendell Green)
  • Tawarwaith Shoes (Rust)
  • Hooded Wood-wanderer’s Cloak (Rivendell Green)


Composed of:

  • Shoulders of the Written Word (White)
  • Elven Cloth Shirt (White)
  • Fingerless Gloves (Orange)
  • Linen Leggings (White)
  • Nenuial’s Boots (White)
  • Hooded Cloak of the Dove (White)