First Impressions of the Logitech G302 Daedalus Prime MOBA Gaming Mouse


Back in August I managed to spill tea all over my Razer Mamba. I thought it would be ruined and immediately began researching a new mouse. I had settled on the Logitech G302 but within a few days the Mamba dried out and I was able to use it again, which was great because the old worn-out Razer Naga I had been using the mean time was terrible. It had lasted me about four years but the right click had gone and left clicks occasionally registered as double clicks. Super frustrating, as you can imagine. The Mamba was fine… but nothing fancy. But as I played more mouse-intensive games like League of Legends and GW2’s PvP, I noticed my mouse hand getting cramps more and more often. Finally I decided to spring for the Logitech in the hopes it would solve my problems.

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First Impressions of the SteelSeries Siberia V2 Gaming Headset


The past three or four years I had been using the same headset: the Corsair 1500 Vengeance wired headset. As a person with a small head and thick framed glasses, it is always difficult for me to find comfortable headsets that also provide good quality. So usually when I find a set that works, I keep buying that same set when the old pair wears out. Thus was the case with the 1500s. They provided good sound quality, didn’t try to pull my ears off my head, had nice soft velvet ear cups, and of course a pretty great quality microphone for a gaming headset. However the problem I always encountered with the 1500s was that the cable on either side of the in-line volume/mute button would wear out within a year or so. This last pair I had lasted two years, so they have been getting better. But when it came time to replace them I decided to opt for something different. The SteelSeries Siberia V2.

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