5 Podcasts to Listen to While Gaming


I have a confession. Despite having been on a number of game-related podcasts, I don’t listen to game podcasts much (unless I’m traveling and don’t have as much time to keep up-to-date on gaming news). Instead I usually listen to comedy or other geeky-interest podcasts. Since a majority of my gaming time is spent in MMOs, there’s a lot of time that goes by doing repetitive things or gameplay that just doesn’t require quite as much of my attention so I often listen to podcasts while working my way through the landscape or leveling alts. Here are five podcasts that I frequently turn to to help me pass the time in those less-than-exciting hours of gameplay.

We Have Concerns

podcasts 2Hosted by Anthony Carboni and Jeff Cannata, We Have Concerns is a comedic discussion of interesting news articles. This show comes out about twice a week in short, 15-20 minute episodes. There’s nearly 150 episodes at this point since they started a year ago. You get to hear about some very unusual science and tech stories you might not otherwise find on your own and on top of that Anthony and Jeff provide some funny commentary. This show is great to listen to while doing your dailies or some other short content. They do swear on the show and occasionally talk about more mature ideas, so keep that in mind.



podcasts 3Less Than Live with Kate Or Die

Comics writer and artist Kate Leth hosts this 1-1.5 hour show where she talks about what she’s been doing and reading in comics. She also always has a guest from the comics industry on to talk about their works and process, which is really intriguing. As someone interested in indie comics and women-made comics, I love this podcast because everytime I listen I learn about another comic I can’t wait to read. I also get to learn more about what different things people are working on and how comics get made. Definitely recommend this one for you comics lovers out there!


How Did This Get Made?

podcasts 1From comedians Paul Scheer, June Diane Raphael, and Jason Mantzoukas comes this 1-1.5 hour show dissecting movies and laughing at some of the terrible acting, direction, and plot of bad movies. I’ll usually queue up an episode of this or two while I’m doing map completion in GW2 because it’ll give me a few laughs while I work my way through a zone. It usually helps if you’ve already seen the movie they’re talking about but I’ve found even just giving the summary on IMDB a read-through first gives you all the info you need. These three always have a funny way of explaining why they think certain scenes were filmed the way they were or why the actors were cast. This show can be raunchy so if that’s not your thing definitely stay away from this show.


podcasts 4Book Narcs

Lead singer of Motion City Soundtrack, Justin Pierre, and his wife Lindsay host this show about books they’ve read. Each episode they bring in one of their other musician friends to talk about their life and how different books have influenced them over the years. I just generally love everything Justin Pierre creates and I’m an English major, so this show is a no-brainer for me. It’s definitely lengthened my to-read list and has made me think more about the books that influence me. The episode range from 40 minutes up to two hours and unfortunately there aren’t that many. They have come out sporadically in the past two years, so there is a bit of a back-log.



podcasts 5This is the show I check iTunes for each week, desperate for this week’s episode to show up. Hosted by Dan Harmon, creator of the shows Community and Rick and Morty, this show is pretty different than most other podcasts. Jeff Davis, from Whose Line is it Anyway, usually co-hosts – but in the world of Harmontown, he is referred to as the comptroller to Dan’s mayor. I decided to start listening to this show after I got really into Community. It took a little bit to get into as Dan’s opinions, discussions, and proclivity for rapping about your momma take getting used to. Comedians, actors, and other friends of Jeff and Dan come on to talk about current events, their work, how they know everyone on the show, and pretty much anything else that comes on. The show is recorded live on stage every Sunday, so the audience is as much a member of the show as Jeff or Dan. Listening from the beginning is recommended as you learn the various ‘characters’ that come to the show and evolve over the past three years. There’s a lot of swearing and mature topics in this one as well. It takes a bit of investment to get into but I definitely recommend it.

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