3 Comic Colorists Whose Palettes I Love

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Color has always been a big deal for me. I always needed game console colors to be just so, I had a whole rainbow of Converse hightops, and of course I’m famously obsessed with outfitting and customizing my characters in video games. Colors also affect what comics I read. If I don’t gel with the color palette the colorist uses, it makes it a lot less likely that I’ll bother reading it. Some artists and colorists though really make an impression on me.

Jake Lawrence


In 2014, Lawrence put out 8 issues of a comic he wrote and illustrated titled Teen Dog about a teenage dog who loves skateboarding and pizza. It’s a pretty lighthearted, goofy read. I love his more minimalist drawing style, but even more than that I love his color palette. He uses a beautiful mix of subdued pastels and vibrant colors to give things a bit of a magical feel. Lots of teal-blues, pale oranges, and pinks dominate not just Teen Dog but also the pixel art and other illustrations he posts to his Tumblr.


Josan Gonzalez


Last year when visiting the US I picked up Vol 1 of The Woods on a whim largely based on the painterly artstyle featuring neon colors set against dark blues and purples. Gonzalez tackled colors in The Woods amazingly – when a scene takes place on Earth or within the confines of the highschool building everything has a warmer, more traditional color tone. Scenes that take place on the mysterious other planet or out in the woods are cool toned with eerie blue-greens and purple shadows. I love these bright, other-worldly colors he chooses to use in The Woods, but it’s clear from his Deviant Art page that vibrant colors are his go-to style.


Paulina Ganucheau

It’s not just the eye-catching pinks, blues, and oranges that she uses but also the way she adds bright, clean highlights that give Ganucheau’s work a wonderfully polished sheen. Although her illustration style is more ‘cartoon’ like than realistic, the details she adds with shadows, highlights, and other technical details in the colors makes her work super cohesive. I feel like I could stare at her work on Zodiac Starforce forever!


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